Develop Windows 10 Apps with RAD Studio 10 Seattle

New! Ride the Windows 10 Wave - Take Your Applications and Customers to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most significant PC release in many years and it is a big opportunity for software developers.

Windows 10 is experiencing rapid adoption and is expected to be on 1 Billion devices within the next few years. Now is the time to move apps and users onto Windows 10. With RAD Studio 10 Seattle, bring those new Windows 10 platform features into your apps quickly and easily. New VCL User Interface Controls, WinRT and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Components and APIs, give developers easy access to new Windows 10 services including Notifications, Contracts, and much more!

Read the Windows 10: The Big New Opportunity for Developers whitepaper; an in depth look into why RAD Studio developers are ideally placed to take advantage of Windows 10 and why now is the time to develop and deploy Windows 10 applications.

Quickly and Easily Bring Your VCL App to Windows 10

Trusted by millions of developers worldwide, the VCL (Visual Component Library) is a set of visual components for rapid development of Windows applications in the Delphi Object Pascal language and standard C++. VCL contains a wide variety of visual, non-visual, and utility classes building GUI, web, database, and console applications.

Additions to the VCL in RAD Studio 10 Seattle includes a huge update for Windows 10 VCL Controls!

New in 10 Seattle!

ActivityIndicator VCL control

RelativePanel VCL control

SearchBox VCL control

SplitView VCL control

ToggleSwitch VCL control

  • Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Object Inspector to set component properties and events
  • New in 10 Seattle! High-DPI Awareness and 4K monitors support, plus Windows 8.1/10 multi-monitor support for VCL applications
  • New in 10 Seattle! New custom VCL controls corresponding to some of the new Windows 10 UI controls, which can also be used on previous version of Windows
  • New in 10 Seattle! New ActivityIndicator VCL control
  • New in 10 Seattle! New SearchBox VCL control
  • New in 10 Seattle! New RelativePanel VCL control
  • New in 10 Seattle! New ToggleSwitch VCL control
  • New in 10 Seattle! New SplitView VCL control
  • New in 10 Seattle! Modern looking SelectDirectory function
  • New in 10 Seattle! Windows 10 specific VCL styles, to build applications matching Microsoft’s Modern look and feel
  • New in 10 Seattle! VCL Styling improvements, including support for styling common dialogs and the TWebBrowser component
  • Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Premium styles including TabletLight, Sky, and Glow VCL styles

FireMonkey Framework has been Updated for Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows 10!

Use the FireMonkey framework in RAD Studio to create multi-device true native apps for Windows 10, Android, iOS and OS X.

There are a lot of Windows enhancements to the FireMonkey platform in 10 Seattle.

  • New in 10 Seattle! Native style presentation for Windows for Edit and Memo platform controls
  • New in 10 Seattle! FireMonkey controls zOrder support for Windows
  • Enhanced in 10 Seattle! MultiView component to create a UI that adapts to the form factor, from mobile to tablet, from portrait to landscape. Now with specific support for Windows 10 UI.
  • Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Specific TSwitch behavior for Windows 10 UI
  • Enhanced in 10 Seattle! Notification Center Component for using notifications in your iOS and Android applications, including notification sound and now supporting also Windows 10 Notifications
  • New in 10 Seattle! StyleViewer for Windows 10 Style in Bitmap Style Designer
  • … and much more!

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Future Proof Your VCL App Today with the All New Windows 10 VCL Style

A new custom Windows 10 VCL style is ready for you to start using in your VCL apps today!

Windows 10 is out and your end users will expect apps to adopt the new visual style. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and prepare your VCL app for Windows 10 today!

The new style works for VCL apps with RAD Studio, C++Builder, and Delphi for versions XE8 and 10 Seattle.

Future Proof Your FMX App Today with the All New Windows 10 FMX Style

We have just posted a great new custom FireMonkey Windows 10 style that you can use to build Windows 10 apps with RAD Studio XE8 right now.

With the full release of Windows 10 being right around the corner, this is a great time to start building apps for Windows 10. You can apply the Windows 10 style to your existing FireMonkey apps and new FireMonkey Windows applications using the StyleBook component.