Mobile Add-On Pack for C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Professional

The Mobile Add-On Pack for C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Professional extends C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Professional to create connected mobile applications for Android and iOS from a single C++ codebase.

Required: C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Professional

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Upgrade Eligibility:

1Upgrade for registered owners of earlier Mobile Add-On Pack for C++Builder Professional.

1 Year Update Subscription included

Update Subscription is the new Embarcadero Support and Maintenance plan and is strongly recommended to keep up-to-date with product upgrades and receive access to support when you need it. 1 Year Update Subscription is now included with C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo editions. Update Maintenance provides:

  • All updates and hotfixes for the current release
  • On-going maintenance - updates and hotfixes for various previous releases
  • All major upgrades (ie 10 Seattle to next major release)
  • 3 annual developer support incidents
  • Exclusive bonus features, add-ons and technical content
  • Annually renewable at a fraction of a single upgrade cost

File size for download:

Initial download is approximately 145MB.

Additional download size may be up to 4GB, depending on features and options selected.

Download times will vary based on network speed.