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C++Builder 10 Seattle Product Tour

Embarcadero® C++Builder® 10 Seattle is the fastest way to build and update data-rich, hyper connected, visually engaging applications for Windows 10, Mac, Mobile, IoT and more using Standard C++. Quickly and easily update VCL and FMX applications to Windows 10 with the new Windows 10 VCL Controls, Styles, and Universal Windows Platform services components.

¡Gracias a la compatibilidad con C++11 basado en CLANG Standard, RAD Studio 10 Seattle nos permite escribir el código solo una vez e implementarlo en cualquier parte!

Andrew Law, Director of Technology HGL Dynamics

C++Builder 10 Seattle Screenshots


Windows 10 Notifications


The TNotificationCenter component works with Windows 10 notifications for VCL and FMX apps.

Windows 10 Styles


Windows 10 VCL and FMX styles including common dialogs give apps the modern look and feel of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Styles


Windows 10 VCL and FMX styles including common dialogs give apps the modern look and feel of Windows 10.

Common Dialogue Styling


Mejoras de estilos VCL, incluida la compatibilidad con los diálogos comunes de estilos y el componente TWebBrowser.

Brand New Windows 10 VCL Controls


New VCL UI controls for Windows 10 include RelativePanel, ToggleSwitch, and SearchBox.

Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support


Create the perfect IDE layout for maximized developer efficiency.

FireDAC NoSQL Driver for MongoDB


MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database can be used with FireDAC including API mapping, data manipulation, and new RTL support for JSON and BSON formats.

iOS Control Enhancements


New platform presentation for iOS ScrollBox and enhancements to the ListView control.

iOS 64-Bit Debugging


Build and debug iOS 64-bit and Universal apps on device.

Filterable Object Inspector


Boost developer productivity by quickly filtering down to the properties you need.

Integrated Style Designer Enhancements


Improved integrated FireMonkey Style Designer and enhancement to the TStyleBook component to support a collection of styles for various platforms.

Integrated IDE Productivity


Over 20 IDE productivity features are now directly integrated with the IDE providing an increase in quality and stability.

GetIt Library Expanded


Get new open source and component packages directly from the IDE including BeaconFence!

FireMonkey for Windows 10 – Control Hints


Control hints, platform native rendering of TEdit and TMemo, ZOrder enhancements, MultiView updates for Windows 10, Switch controls, and clipboard support for images.

Standard C++11 for Win32


Bring your existing windows apps to C++11. Easily switch between the new 32-bit Windows C++11 compliant compiler and the classic bcc32 compiler in the same project for Windows apps.

C++Builder 10 Seattle is solid!

Gregor Brandt, VP Development The Marionette Group Inc

Setup and Getting Started Videos

RAD Studio - Preparing your Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Development Environment

Preparing Your iOS and OS X Development Environment

Preparing Your Android Development Environment

Getting Started with IBLite and FireDAC on Android and iOS

Getting Started with Location Services on iOS and Android

Getting Started with Notifications on iOS and Android

Sharing Images and Text with ShareSheet on iOS and Android

Integrating the Web Browser on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android

What’s New in C++Builder 10 Seattle

See What's New in RAD Studio 10 Seattle

RAD Studio 10 Seattle - Twice the IDE Memory Capacity, New IDE Developer Productivity Features

RAD Studio 10 Seattle - Android Services

RAD Studio 10 Seattle - MongoDB

RAD Studio 10 Seattle - New VCL Features

RAD Studio 10 Seattle - New FMX Features

C++Builder XE8 Screenshots

Multi-Device Preview


The all new Multi-Device Preview provides a design time side-by-side view comparing your apps UI over different form factors on a given platform – all in one window!

AltBeacon and iBeacon Component


Component level support for beacons brings your app into the IoT fold with support of proximity awareness, contextual identification, and much more!

API Analytics


Custom API analytics and reporting in EMS informs the developer how deployed apps are consuming hosted RESTful APIs.

Getit Package Manager


With the all new GetIt Package Manager you can browse, download, and integrate new components, right from the IDE!

Code Productivity


New enhancements and features take writing code to the next level including: extra code refactoring, live syntax checking, metrics, structural code highlighting, parenthesis matching, flow control highlighting, and code analysis.

Native Platform Controls


Create high performance native apps.

MapView Component


Componente MapView para plataformas móviles (iOS y Android) compatibles con bibliotecas de asignaciones interactivas de plataformas específicas (respectivamente, de Apple y Google)

iOS 64-bit and Universal Apps


New FMX Premium Styles