InterBase Version History

Below is a summary of the highlights added in previous editions of InterBase. For detailed release notes and new features please visit the InterBase DocWiki

What's New in InterBase XE7

Tracking and managing data changes to multiple destinations has never been easier; just subscribe and query with SQL! InterBase's lightweight, secure and powerful embeddable kernel providing developers easy to integrate features including user security, synchronisation and disaster recovery into their applications today making data as easy as Embed, Deploy, Relax!

Change Views

Change Views from InterBase introduce a new paradigm to the common question software architects have; How to manage changes between databases and devices? Today's software (data) landscape is commonly dominated from the need to have the business data, or subsets of, on multiple servers and devices – and this is where Change Views brand new approach makes drastic simplifications across the product development lifecycle. Change Views answers the objections and worries a data architect has around identifying and tracking changes. Rather than using timestamp fields or triggers, InterBase's patented subscription approach based on top of its multigenerational architecture delivers

  • Field level change tracking
  • Scalable tracking with near zero performance impact, regardless of the number of users
  • Full visibility of changes that have happened concurrently
  • Inbuilt avoidance of notification of your own changes

In summary – Change Views allows you to easily

  • View and query via SQL what has changed
  • Keep in control of data cost by moving only the data you need to move
  • Keep you caches up to date in the fastest time possible by moving the smallest dataset possible
  • Avoid complicated system configuration with redundant fields

When using Change views, new faster support for backup is provided via Incremental Data Dumps.

New - Linux 64bit & RHEL 7 and Ubuntu Support

InterBase XE7 Server Edition now includes support for Linux 32-bit and 64-bit including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, RHEL 7 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, and now featuring Ubuntu 14. This new platform is available as a choice when purchasing InterBase XE7 Server and is also included in the latest Developer Edition and InterBase Server Trial.

64 Bit transaction ID's

Run for longer! - One key benefit of InterBase is its ability to just leave it running without the need for expensive db admin time, even if the database is restarted unexpectedly; a big part of how this is achieved is to do with InterBase's transactional approach. While transaction management has a huge amount of benefits, there was one barrier on very high load databases that caused the database to have to backup and restore, the Transaction ID. Previously on a database running around 1,000 transactions a minute, you would have about 21 days between backup and restore. With the new 64bit Transaction ID's running 10,000 transactions a minute you would still be running 150 years later! Helping you, no matter the size of the throughput to embed, deploy and relax.

Fast Backup Format - Incremental Data Dumps

InterBase has the ability to create a live read only backup database referred to as a data dump. These are great for creating read only databases for reporting and load balancing certain usage requirements. New with XE7 is a much faster processing of the data dumps that dramatically reduces the CPU load and time it takes to dump out the changes. As data dumps can be switched from readonly to live using GBAK, the new Incremental data dumps are a much faster way to revert to a backup of the database if ever needed, providing even quick disaster recovery in certain situations.

IBLite for Android, iOS, Windows,
and OS X

Now you can use InterBase as the embedded database in your Android and iOS mobile apps! Develop your apps with Embarcadero RAD Studio and easily embed and connect with the IBLite database to store your app's data. You get a free, unlimited deployment license for IBLite for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS when you buy RAD Studio 10 Seattle or Delphi 10 Seattle with Mobile or C++Builder 10 Seattle with Mobile. That means zero cost to deploy IBLite with your mobile or desktop apps. Get started with IBLite today:

Build Cool Apps

InterBase ToGo for Android and iOS

InterBase ToGo for Android and iOS

Ready to take your mobile apps to the next level in scalability and security? InterBase ToGo extends IBLite for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X to work with larger database files (>100MB) and provides strong (AES) database and column encryption as well as strong network encryption (SSL). Ideal for corporate apps and apps where data security is a must.

Tight integration with RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder for seamless deployment

InterBase free Developer Edition is included with RAD Studio, C++Builder and Delphi. With InterBase XE7 you get easy deployment of your applications to Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and OS X (plus Solaris with InterBase XE). Your database will be packaged with RAD projects so when you deploy your project to any platform, InterBase will automatically get deployed with it.



New 64 bit ODBC driver allows easy deployment on 64 bit platforms.

InterBase XE7 offers new ODBC drivers for 64 bit allowing you to deploy and use InterBase on 64 bit clients and server. Also, embed InterBase with your 64 bit ODBC applications (Windows only) and deploy it across multiple platforms.

What was new in InterBase XE?

  • Improved Security
    Stronger password protection with cryptographic hash function. InterBase XE also supports passwords up to 32 characters in length to comply with the most stringent security requirements.
  • Improved Scalability
    InterBase now has the ability to manage more data and larger databases
  • Features for Easier Development
    Support for Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedures.
  • Improved handling for large objects
    Optimized performance for large objects with Stream methods