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Delphi / C++Builder Community Edition 10.4.2

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Delphi / C++Builderアプリケーション向けのフルセットバックエンドソリューション

RAD Serverのトライアル

RAD Serverをテスト目的で利用できる開発ライセンスは、Delphi、C++Builder、RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyoに含まれています。RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyoのトライアル版を使用すれば、RAD Serverを用いたサービスの開発、5ユーザーによるRAD Serverの実行テストを評価目的で利用することができます。

RAD Serverのより本格的な製品評価、テストを希望される方は、以下のフォームからお申し込みください。

With RAD Studio 11 it is possible to compile binaries for macOS ARM. Since the new M1 processor is incredibly fast it is more than important to create native apps for it. That's why RAD Studio 11 is a must have for every Delphi Developer!

Roman Kassebaum, IRK

What I like best about RAD Studio is the ease and speed of developing an application, and the ability to design whatever you can think of. It’s like my motto, Nothing is impossible!

Paul Denham, IT Manager, Unique Car Mats (UK) Ltd.

C++ Builder allows me to develop stunning UI without involving a lot of time, while at the same time focusing on the core alogrithmic parts of the application.

Engineer, Medium Enterprise Infrastructure And Engineering

With InterBase, we were able to deliver to our customers a reliable and powerful database that runs for several years with nearly zero administration.

Juergen Konewitz, Application Developer, Abies ITS Gmbh