オープンソースの高機能/軽量Python IDE

PyScripterは、必要とされるすべての機能を搭載した軽量かつモダンなPython IDEです。Windows向けにネイティブコンパイルされたIDEは、最小のメモリで最大のパフォーマンスを発揮します。IDEは、すべてPython Scriptによる拡張を加えたDelphiによって開発されており、オープンソースとして提供さます。


  • 構文ハイライトエディタ
  • Pythonインタプリタの統合
  • リモートデバッグサポートを含むPythonデバッグのフルサポート
  • ユニットテストの統合
  • PyLint、TabNanny、ProfileなどのPythonツールを統合

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Online Webinar held on:

6月 14

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Getting to Know PyScripter: Your Native Python IDE

Presenter(s): Kyle Wheeler, Kiriakos Vlahos, and Jim McKeeth

While the Python command-line tools and REPL are great for working with Python, sometimes you need a little more power. That is where PyScripter comes in, giving you a huge wealth of productivity-boosting features and all the speed you want to rocket your Python development to the next level. PyScripter is a native IDE, making it fast and responsive so it doesn’t slow you down. While it is light on the system resource usage, it isn’t light on features or functionality, and it is 100% open source and free, developed with Embarcadero Delphi, making it perfect for all Python developers: from newbie to veteran.

Join this webinar to get up to speed on PyScripter. Start with the basics of working with PyScripter, discover the new features introduced in version 4, learn some tricks to skyrocket your productivity, and see why Embarcadero is sponsoring PyScripter. Join mister PyScripter himself, Kiriakos Vlahos, along with Embarcadero General Manager Kyle Wheeler, and developer advocate Jim McKeeth for this exciting and informative webinar.

Getting to Know PyScripter: Your Native Python IDE

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