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InterBase 2020






- 価格には消費税が含まれます。

VARs and OEM Programs

Looking to deploy InterBase as part of your application? We offer sizeable discounts to VARs and OEMs developing and deploying with IB. お問い合わせ today to discuss your needs. For more details https://www.embarcadero.com/products/interbase/var-program

How to Buy InterBase?

While development for InterBase can be done with the free Developer edition, when you are deploying a solution based on InterBase you need a license for the database. For embedded and desktop editions, you can buy individual licenses, but for wider distribution, we recommend using our VAR agreement and suggest you to お問い合わせ to discuss your requirements.

Similarly, you can buy one or a few licenses for the server (the cost depends on the number of user accounts), but for wider distribution with your application contacting sales and possibly entering a VAR Agreement is your best option.