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Business Partner Directory

If you want to find a local selling or training partner, use the interactive directory below.

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会社名 Servicing Countries Region Phone (main) Webサイト
Softline Кыргызстан

Business and Consulting Partner

Kyrgyzstan EMEA +996 (312) 91-0000 Visit Site
Softline Молдова

Business and Consulting Partner

Moldova, Republic of EMEA 37322855042 Visit Site
Softline Таджикистан

Business and Consulting Partner

Tajikistan EMEA +992 44 6006000 Visit Site
Softline Туркменистан

Business and Consulting Partner

Turkmenistan EMEA +992 44 6006000 Visit Site
Softline Узбекистан

Business and Consulting Partner

Uzbekistan EMEA + (998 71) 120-49-09 Visit Site
Softline Украина

Business and Consulting Partner

Ukraine EMEA +380 (44) 201-03-00   Visit Site

Distributor and Reseller Partner

Ukraine EMEA 38-044-494-12-12, 38-044-594-52-52 Visit Site
Software Engineering Center

Reseller Partner

Estonia EMEA +372 5014734 Visit Site
Software House International

Reseller Partner

Canada, United States North America 888-764-8888 Visit Site
Software One

Reseller Partner

Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland EMEA +41 (0)43 322 32 00 Visit Site
Software Sources Ltd. – מאגרי תוכנה בע"מ

Reseller Partner

Israel +972-9-7714578 Visit Site
Soluciones para la Alta Gerencia

Certification Center, Reseller and Training Partner

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama Latin America +506 2257-6164 Visit Site
SOS Software Service AG

Reseller Partner

Switzerland EMEA +41 52 728 0738 Visit Site
SOS Software Service GmbH D&CH

Reseller Partner

Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland EMEA +49 (0) 821 25782 - 0 Visit Site
Suite 1005, Level 10

Sales Office

Australia, New Zealand APAC (02) 8098 8800 Visit Site

Reseller Partner

Belgium EMEA +32 2 345 92 11 Visit Site
SYNTAX Diamond Information Systems LLC

Reseller Partner

United Arab Emirates EMEA +971 2 8157926 Visit Site
SYNTAX Information Technology Inc

Reseller Partner

Greece EMEA Visit Site
T.S. Team-Software GmbH

Education Reseller Partner

Germany EMEA +49 (0) 521-49032 Visit Site
The DSW Group, Ltd.

Training Partner

United States North America 404.885.6651 Visit Site