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Delphi / C++Builder Community Edition 10.4.2


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Business Partner Directory

If you want to find a local selling or training partner, use the interactive directory below.

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会社名 Servicing Countries Region Phone (main) Webサイト
Delphi Studio

Consulting Partner

Portugal, Spain EMEA +34 960 130 674 Visit Site
Developer Experts

Business and Consulting Partner

Germany EMEA +4969175548151 Visit Site
Developer Experts, LLC

Consulting Partner

United States North America (239) 494-5049 Visit Site

Certification Center, Reseller, Consulting and Training Partner

Korea, Republic of APAC +82.2.595.4288 Visit Site
Digital Partners

Consulting Partner

Canada, United States North America 613-323-6842 Visit Site

Consulting Partner

India +917005415697 Visit Site
Dimensional Data

Reseller Partner

Romania EMEA +40 77 1098 621 Visit Site
DTS bv - the one-stop company for development

Reseller Partner

Netherlands EMEA +31 (0)522 - 24 00 82 Visit Site

Certification Center, Consulting and Training Partner

Brazil Latin America 55 (11) 2307-2387 Visit Site

Reseller Partner

Austria, Germany, Switzerland EMEA +49 (0)2191/991100 Visit Site
Embarcadero do Brasil BR

Certification Center, Master Distributor and Training Partner

Brazil Latin America 55 (11) 5643-1333 Visit Site
Embarcadero Technologies BM

Sales Office

Bermuda Latin America Main: + 1-512-226-8401 (Español & English) Visit Site
Embarcadero Technologies CA

Sales Office

Canada North America 416-593-1585 Visit Site
Embarcadero Technologies CN

Sales Office

China APAC +86 10 5780 3296 Visit Site
Embarcadero Technologies SG

Sales Office

Singapore APAC 65 6329 6466 Visit Site
Embarcadero Technologies US

Sales Office

United States North America 1-888-233-2224 Visit Site

Certification Center and Training Partner

Indonesia APAC +62 856 550 222 05 Visit Site
ERPwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Consulting Partner

Austria, Germany, Switzerland EMEA +49 (0)441 777729 Visit Site

Reseller Partner

Nigeria EMEA 00 234 8037379949 Visit Site
Fusion Consulting Services Ltd, Hong Kong

Reseller Partner

Hong Kong APAC +852 2972 2883 Visit Site