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Delphi / C++Builder Community Edition 10.4.2

Build your web application faster

Today's organizations want their information available via Web browser to make data and functions easily accessible to a broad range of users. This also helps reduce development and training time. For application developers, Web 2.0 development delivers many benefits including multiple platform support and standards; operating system independence; and simplicity of deployment. The Web 2.0 trend directly impacts the way enterprises have traditionally developed applications, as well as commercial and social Internet development.

With Embarcadero tools, developers can focus on features, quality and building compelling Web applications that deliver the functionality and performance that once required native Windows application development. With Web 2.0 and AJAX it's easy to build applications that are interactive, can access data and deliver a quality user experience.

Embarcadero's comprehensive Web development solutions give you the flexibility to choose the technology that fits your needs.

Rapidly build PHP Web 2.0 solutions with RadPHP

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to build dynamic Web pages, PHP is an excellent web scripting language. With the release of PHP 5, the language is even more robust and supports Object Oriented Programming. PHP is also a great cross-platform solution with broad support for Web servers, operating systems, and databases.

There are several PHP tools to choose from, but only RadPHP gives you a visual, drag-and-drop development environment that's quick and easy to use. RadPHP makes it easy to rapidly prototype and produce Web applications. RadPHP fully supports LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP infrastructure.

Ruby on Rails - Ride the Rails with 3rdRail

3rdRail is a complete, integrated development environment that gives you highly efficient coding and visualization tools. Tools like "intelligent code completion" let you build dynamic, database-backed applications faster, with fewer keystrokes. Railstakes care of a lot of the underpinning of things you'd have to do manually with Ruby language.

Build ASP.NET applications with Embarcadero Prism

If your company has standardized on Windows technology then you're likely to consider ASP.NET to leverage the .NET framework for building interactive Web applications. Embarcadero Prism and RAD Studio let you develop powerful Web applications within the Microsoft .NET standard, for deployment environments built exclusively around Windows and Windows servers.

Native Windows - Quickly build line of business intranet apps using Delphi and C++Builder with VCL for the Web

If you are a Delphi or C++Builder developer, you can build Web apps in the same way you use Delphi and C++Builder to build native Windows apps. VCL for the Web is a great solution for building data-driven Web apps for purchase order processing and human resources.