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Delphi Features

Build Native Apps 5x Faster With One Codebase
For Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux


Deliver mobile applications faster and smarter with platform aware user interface controls. Prototype faster with the multi-device designer and live preview in the IDE or streamed to your device. When it comes to mobile development productivity, RAD Studio is leading the way.

Code faster and smarter with a single code base

Build apps faster with a single source code base that cross-compiles for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. The FireMonkey framework enables active modern user interface design, that is aware of cross-platform differences to provide not only common code behind and hooks for native tweaks if required, as well as rich modern user interfaces.

Code faster and smarter with a single code base
Secure native compilation

Secure native compilation

There’s nothing like natively compiled code. Fast and performant, hard to reverse engineer, unlike even obfuscated bytecode targets. You use a powerful language, and you want it to be natively compiled. Apps made with RAD Studio are 100% native on every platform.

Code Faster with full language support

Use modern, productive language features across all platforms! Delphi has generics, anonymous methods, extremely powerful runtime type information and reflection, a parallel programming library, and more -- and you can use these regardless of whether you’re on a powerful Windows server or on a small mobile device.

All language features are supported across all platforms to ensure you get to market faster . From the simplest loops and variables to the modern generics, anonymous methods, parallel programming libraries, run-time type information (reflection), etc.. they are all there!

Code Faster with full language support
Modern Flexible Libraries

Modern Flexible Libraries

RAD Studio libraries are designed to ensure they support you today and into the future by encapsulating modern object-oriented practices. This approach lets you develop faster and with a single code base that works across platforms while providing a powerful base for modern agile development methodologies.

ARC for mobile

If you need your applications to run fast on mobile, then ARC is the best memory management option available. Compile Delphi and C++ code for mobile with full ARC implementations enabling your applications to run fast and smoothly regardless of the hardware.

Garbage collectors, as used by .net and Java built apps, require 4x the available memory of ARC to match performance. Being smart with the limited memory on mobile means ARC avoids notorious slow downs garbage collectors on mobile bring.

ARC for mobile