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Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Case Study

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Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
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Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg


ミニチュア ワンダーランドの運営

FireDAC for DelphiFireDAC for Delphi
  • Control of the world's largest model railway with over 1,000 trains and 385,000 lights
  • Operational 365 days per year up to 20 hours per day / very little downtime
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • High operational reliability
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Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Located on the river Elbe near Hamburg's historic warehouse district (Speicherstadt), is the world’s largest model railroad - Miniatur Wunderland. Hamburg's number one tourist attraction, it brings in 1.3 million visitors from all over the world. Some 760,000 working hours were spent creating this unique miniature world that extends to 1.5 acres of total area. In addition to sophisticated technology, Miniatur Wunderland is particularly distinguished by its high level of detail; 260,000 figurines driving trains, cars, ships and even flying airplanes. Miniatur Wunderland also boasts a breathtaking miniature cosmos unlike anything else in the world. As Hamburg’s number one tourist destination along with Speicherstadt, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.