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Why C++

Embarcadero C++

Embarcadero C++

New! CLANG enhanced RAD C++ Compiler for Windows 10 and Mobile

C++Builder 10 Seattleには、Windows 10(32-bitおよび64-bit)、モバイル(iOSおよびAndroid)向けのC++標準のコンパイラが搭載されています。このコンパイラは、Windowsおよびクロスプラットフォーム開発を迅速に行うためのRAD拡張が施されており、C++11言語標準のサポート、モバイル向けのARC(Automatic Reference Counting)ベースのメモリ管理機能などを搭載し、Windows向けVCLとクロスプラットフォーム向けのFireMonkey双方のフレームワークと緊密に統合しています。C++Builder 10 Seattleは、業界標準のC++によるモバイルおよびデスクトップ向け開発を推進できる強力なツールであり、Java、Objective-C、C#、Xcode、Xamarin、Visual Studioなど、他の言語、他の開発環境からマルチデバイス開発に取り組む方に最適な環境です。


Why C++?

C++ continues to be one of the most widely used languages in the world. C++ can found on every single operating system in existence, delivering low-level libraries and services like kernels and core runtime libraries, to high level networking and even GUI libraries. Although each of the major operating systems present application frameworks in various languages it is possible to write a full-featured C++ application for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS with a common codebase. C++ continues to be the choice for application development where performance matters on complex problems and C++ is tailor made for the burgeoning embedded devices becoming IoT enabled.

CLANG/LLVM – A Standard Toolchain for a Standard Language

An ANSI/ISO standards body has managed the C++ language since 1998 and there have been many compiler implementations over those years including the award-winning Borland C++ compilers. Most operating systems support the open source GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) but another toolchain is quickly becoming the industry standard, CLANG, pronounced "KLANG" or "SEE-LANG." CLANG is part of the LLVM open source project and in addition to C and C++ also supports Objective-C in the same front-end. The LLVM project also contains the LLVM backend which is a highly optimized code generator for several CPU architectures. Embarcadero has significantly enhanced CLANG for application development and supports CLANG/LLVM for Windows 64-bit, Android, and iOS.

Embarcadero Makes Standard C++11 Even Easier To Use

The publication of C++11 made major strides toward simplifying daily C++ programming. The addition of simple to use constructs for lambda expressions, ranged-for loops, automatic type deduction, and memory management with shared/unique pointer types, for example. Embarcadero further enriches and simplifies C++11 with additional features, such as rich Run Time Type Identification (RTTI) which is equivalent in features to .NET Reflection and/or Java Introspection, Property-Method-Event syntax for building classes that can interact with a visual designer and generate closure for call-back events, and a full Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) model for the Android and iOS toolchains.


C++Builder 10 Seattleは、ビジュアル開発の生産性とC++のパワーを両立した真のC++ RAD環境。Windows 10、Mac、モバイル、IoT向け開発をサポートし、多様なシステムやデバイスに接続できるマルチデバイスアプリケーションを構築できます。

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