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Know how your Apps are being used. Guide your development process with quantitative, critical metrics for application, middleware, and end user behavior. AppAnalytics provides developers with clear insight to how end-users are interacting with client side apps. Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) API Analytics tracks how your app is consuming hosted REST APIs.

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Understand How Your Customers Are Using Apps with AppAnalyics


AppAnalytics is a new Embarcadero hosted service that enables tracking of anonymous end user events within your app; how many times they start and close an app, how they flow through the user interface, which device and operating system version they are using, crash and error metrics, as well as capturing custom events. With these analytics, understand how end users use an app to guide engineering efforts and make the app the best it can possibly be! With the inclusion of a single component, AppAnalytics works for mobile and desktop apps including existing VCL applications for Windows.

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Enterprise Mobility Services API Analytics

EMSでは、自動的にユーザーのアクティビティやREST API呼び出しの自動分析を行います。ユーザー/グループリストからは、日々のアクティビティや履歴を確認可能。REST APIの呼び出し状況も、年、月、日単位で確認し、個別のRESTリソースにドリルダウンできます。これにより、ユーザーのアプリケーション使用状況の把握が可能になります。

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Integrate Your VCL and FireMonkey Apps With Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) Analytics

Integrate cloud based services from Backend as a Service (BaaS) providers, Kinvey, Parse, and App42 with components for popular BaaS services like notifications, user management, and storage. Additionally, you can take advantage of BaaS provider hosted API usage tracking and reporting.

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