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Delphi / C++Builder Community Edition 10.4.2

InterBase ライセンス


ISV, OEM, VAR Licensing
ISVs, OEMs, and VARs may want to embed InterBase with their applications, requiring a "silent install". This is possible by setting up a VAR agreement. Please contact Embarcadero Sales for more information on ISV, OEM and VAR licensing.

Non-OEM customers can buy InterBase licenses online, buy InterBase licenses from an Embarcadero reseller partner, or お問い合わせ.

Trial Licensing
An InterBase Server Trial License allows you to test-drive and develop with InterBase for 90 days using up to 8 CPUs and 20 simultaneous users.
Download a 90-day free license of InterBase for Windows, Linux, Solaris
or Mac OS X >

Get the InterBase XE7 ToGo trial and experience InterBase as a mobile embedded database and how easy it is to distribute as part of your Android and iOS apps that you create with RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder).
Get a 30-day license of InterBase XE7 ToGo for Android and iOS in the RAD Studio trial >

Developer Edition Licensing
InterBase Developer Edition allows software developers to freely develop InterBase applications before they deploy them. All the functionality of InterBase Server Edition is included with Developer Edition.
Download the free, non-expiring InterBase Developer Edition for Windows, Linux, Solaris or Mac OS X >

Additional InterBase Licensing Information

You must purchase a Desktop license for each Desktop edition you plan to deploy.

You must purchase a ToGo license for each ToGo edition you plan to deploy.

An InterBase Server License activates the InterBase Server software and a license for 1 User connection or for the number of users based on the volume license purchased.

InterBase Server Edition licenses include support for up to 8 CPU cores. To add support for more than 8 cores on a single machine, additional licenses are required.

To purchase additional simultaneous user licenses to an existing InterBase Server installation, additional Simultaneous User Licenses can be purchased in the same quantities listed above to allow additional users to connect.

Each Simultaneous User License consists of a license certificate with a serial number. Entering and registering the serial number using the InterBase License Manager will add additional simultaneous user connections to the InterBase Server.