Embarcadero Maintenance and Support Overview

For ER/Studio and Database Tools



Embarcadero’s Software Maintenance and Support Program is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment by giving you free software upgrades – including major and point releases. And with phone access to our regional support professionals, you save time and money, and are ensured uninterrupted access to vital technical support and product upgrades – features that can make a real difference to your bottom line

Embarcadero Platinum Enablement

In addition to all the features of our Standard Support package, Platinum Enablement gives database tools customers direct access to Embarcadero experts who can help you with project migrations and upgrades as well as provide personalized guidance on product information. You can also receive product usage assessments to gain insight on ways to improve your usage of Embarcadero tools. Customers are provided with a Client Success Manager (CSM) to help guide business value. This ‘red carpet’ treatment gives you the peace-of-mind to know that we will assist you as you deploy and implement our tools in your environment.

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Platinum Enablement Package

The Platinum Enablement package provides additional assistance to ensure a smooth deployment. This package includes all of the support features and benefits that are included in our Standard Software Maintenance and Support, plus customized features to protect your investment with an ‘insurance policy’ of specialized services, above and beyond our standard support.

This package includes:

  • Safeguard your operations and ensure deployment success with flexible project support (installation, migration and upgrades).
  • Optimize your deployment and improve your ROI value with proactive usage assessment support to gain expert insights on ways to improve product usage.
  • Reduce ramp time and resolve issues faster with remote product guidance sessions with Client Success Manager (CSM).
  • プライオリティレベルの早期ベータアクセスにより、最も早く将来のリリースを評価可能
  • プライオリティサポート により優先的なサポートサービスを利用可能(プレミアムのみ)
  • Provides strategic roadmaps and business sync sessions with Product Management Team
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This Platinum Enablement package is available for Database and ER/Studio Tools.

Standard Software Maintenance and Support

The Standard Software Maintenance and Support package provides coverage for license management and product updates to ensure that you have the most current versions of software, bug fixes and patch releases.

  • Software Upgrades and Updates – Receive software upgrades and updates to take advantage of ongoing Embarcadero product innovation and maintain database currency.
  • Unlimited Licensing and Technical Support – Submit cases or manage licenses by phone or online forms to our expert team of support professionals.
  • Web-based Case Creation – Open support cases via the web, making it easy to submit your support requests at any time of the day.
  • Product Documentation – All Embarcadero products are extensively and continually documented. The current editions of the documentation are immediately available online.
  • Discussion Forums – An extensive community of Embarcadero online product forums allows you to exchange ideas with others using Embarcadero Technologies tools.
  • Embarcadero Knowledge Base – A searchable online Knowledge Base contains responses to the most common support inquiries and product-related documentation.

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Standard and Platinum Comparison Table

Product upgrades/updates Check Check
Project support (installations, migrations and upgrades) Check
Usage assessment support (gain expert insights on product usage) Check
Beta program privileges (early invitations, early access, priority enrollment) Check
Remote product guidance session support Check
Community forums access Check Check
Knowledge base access Check Check
Designated CSM for customers Check
Unlimited web-based case submission Check Check
Priority web-based case submission Check
Unlimited telephone support Check Check
Priority telephone support Check
Priority assignment to Sr. Engineering Support resources Check
Remote diagnostics Check Check
Proactive alerts Check Check

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